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Many members of the RNA carry out work that is deemed to be over and above the expectations of the association.

With this in mind I would like to suggest that the RNA considers introducing a meritorious medal award.

The medals would be awarded to any member of the RNA, (life, full, associate, honorary),

who has demonstrated any action or piece of work that exceeds normal membership expectations.

This would include but is not exhausted to:

exemplary and courageous handling of an emergency by an individual who,

dependant on personal danger, acted to prevent the loss of human life and/or property.

Provides, produces or enacts any innovation that increases the public profile of the RNA.

It should not be awarded for the following reasons:

Long service within the RNA

Being a member of any committee
Arranging official events

Increasing membership


The medal would be a bronzed colour circular with a diameter of approximately 4cm. Depth approximately 4mm.

The face would bear the crest of the RNA with (gold) in the banner.

The rear and have the 4 RNA core values Unity, Comradeship, Patriotism, Loyalty .

Details of the recipient would be engraved on the edge of the medal providing name, branch and date awarded (& ? serial number).

The medal ribbon would be the RNA design used for ties and Cravats. A miniature medal and ribbon will also be provided.

Accompanying the medal would be a certificate with citation providing a summary of the event leading to the award.


Nominations for the award can be made by branches or area committees.

Branch nominations would be submitted to their area committee for endorsement before being forwarded to the General secretary at Semaphore Tower.

A formal nomination form will be created and be made available on the RNA website.

Any branch committee member can complete the nomination form but it must be endorsed by either the branch secretary or Chairman

before being submitted to the respective area committee for further endorsement  before being forwarded to RNAHQ.

All correctly completed and endorsed nominations will be considered or their individual merits with the standing orders committee being the awarding panel.

The only alteration to this is if a member of the standing orders committee is nominated, when the national committee will make the final decision.

All correctly submitted nominations must be reviewed within 8 weeks of being received by the General Secretary.

Confirmation /Rejection of Award

The decision of the awarding panel will be final. An appeals process is not available.

The awarding panel have several options available to them as follows:

Award of a meritorious medal.

Award of a meritorious medal with life membership/ or a cash reward.

Award of life membership.

Award of certificate of appreciation.

The standing orders committee will inform the General Secretary of the decision of each nomination received as soon as a decision is agreed.

The General Secretary must then inform the relevant Area Secretary of the decision within 4 weeks.

Area Secretaries will inform the originators of the nomination as soon as possible after receiving conformation.

if an award is rejected, the Standing Orders Committee must provided written details of their decision.

Presentation of the award

There will be three ways that the medal can be awarded to the recipient.

1.            At National Conference - presented by the National President

                     2                  At area meetings (quarterly of annual reunion), by the area President.     

                     3.            At a branch meeting (presented by the branch president or Chairman)         

in all cases, every effort should be made to obtain publicity photographs that can be used on the RNA website.


The costs of the medals, certificates and any additional awards will be borne from the HQ budget.

Wearing the medal

The medal is not an official award recognised by the palace and therefore cannot be worn with official campaign medals on the left hand side of and uniform.

It may be worn on the right hand side of a uniform during ceremonial events.


If each award is serialised, it will allow for simpler tracking of the awards by HQ and will increase the actual and sentimental value of the award,

(limited edition).

At area level the nomination must be endorsed by at least two members of the committee before being forwarded to HQ for consideration.



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