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Here is a copy of a Email from the organiser

As you are aware Liverpool will be hosting Armed Forces Day National Event
in June 2017.    Although Armed Forces Day is officially Saturday 24 June
it is Liverpool’s intention to host the event for the full weekend Sat 24
and Sun 25 June.  The start of the celebrations will commence on Saturday
25 June at St Georges Hall with a parade.

100 Navy personnel + navy band and cadets

100 Army personnel + army band and cadets

100 RAF personnel + army band and cadets

This above is approximately 600 personnel

There have been 100 places allocated to veterans and this is broken down as
follows.  The city regions will be allocated 10 veteran spaces each

Liverpool x 10

Wirral x 10

Knowsley x 10

St Helens x 10

Sefton x 10

Halton x 10

The remaining 40 spaces will be allocated to

Royal British Legion x 10

SSAFA x 10

Army x 0 (covered above)

RAF x 10

Navy x 10

It is our hope that each local authority will nominate 10 veterans to
participate in the parade.

As you can imagine we are receiving lots of requests from in and outside
the city region.  Unfortunately it is not possible to facilitate everyone
in the parade.  For those members who do not fall within the above criteria
they would be more than welcome to attend the event.  If they still wish to
attend and bring their standard bearers we will try to accommodate them
along the route.

My reason for e-mailing is to ask if you would be happy to be the contact
to nominate those 10 veterans from your area.  To liaise with them in the
run up to the event providing them with parade details, timing's, travel,
location etc. Also for any veterans contacting us directly for you to be
the point of contact in your area to liaise with those persons.

If anyone wishes to meet up with myself to discuss Armed Forces Day and how
your local authority area can be involved please let me know.  If you have
AFD organisations you are involved with who also wish to attend either via
a stall or event space if they could contact me asap.  We are currently
collating all requests to attend and with very limited space will almost
likely have to turn interested parties away.  I would of course like to
accommodate the city region organisations in the first instance where



We provide help and camaraderie for ex-servicemen in North West, Area 10



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