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The hazards of a suntan may be exaggerated as witnessed by the hardy veterans of the Second World War, who spent lots of time stripped to the waist, and without head protection, in the burning heat of the North African desert or fighting the Japanese in the Far East.

However, as a group, soldiers and sailors who served in these areas are prone to rodent ulcers, otherwise commonly known as Basal Cell Carcinomas, on the exposed parts of thier skin, which are relatively easy to treat with either surgery or radio-therapy.

Plastic surgeon Hamish Laing, writing in the British Medical Journal, points out that those people who are affected by these cancers should be aware that they may be entitled to an additional war pension.

Wien diagnosed with this condition, make sure your consultant and GP are aware of your service record.

Further details can be obtained by contacting the Veterans agency on 0800 169 2277, or online www.veterans-uk.info/pension, html

I don't know if this will cover anyone in the peacetime navy, but its worth a try.




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